About Us

The Company
HumYum was born with the intention to bring a touch of sweetness to Humboldt County with healthy and delicious organic, gluten free desserts. Specializing in organic, allergen free and vegan caramel products.
From the very first caramel, we knew that our focus was to provide tasty confections that we, and you, can feel good about.  We begin by sourcing local, organic ingredients and using a small-batch, hand-crafted methodology to create exceptional organic, gluten free, vegan desserts.
These artisanal confections are created with care for our taste buds, bodies, and communities: small batch caramels and caramel sauces made with real, simple and organic ingredients. Conscious of people with food sensitivities and inspired by the slow food movement our candy is crafted with the highest standards of care for our customers and the environment. Organic, gluten free, corn free, soy free, peanut free with dairy free options. Now certified Kosher!

The Founder
Elkiya Menes, the founder and Chef of HumYum, is a confectioner in trade and heart. In 2010, she received training from Le Cordon Bleu in the culinary arts of patisserie and baking, and has been making hand-crafted sweets for as long as she can remember. Always testing new ground, Elkiya has honed and developed her skills as an epicurean with a focus on gluten-free, gourmet confections and caramel sauces.
                   Chocolate caramel production