Gluten free "Twix" bars

For the shortbread:

✨1/2 cup gluten free flour

✨1/4 cup gf oat flour

✨3 oz softened butter

✨1/4 cup organic sugar

✨1/8 tsp salt

✨1 tsp vanilla extract 

For the caramel layer:

✨1 cup HumYum Confectioners’ Caramel (1 1/2 8.5 oz jars) 

Confectioners' twix

For the chocolate:

✨12 oz dark chocolate (70%)

✨2 Tbsp coconut oil 

gluten free confection twix


1. Combine the flour, sugar, vanilla and salt in a bowl and cut in butter with pastry knives or pulse in food processor until it forms a dough.
2. Press dough evenly in the bottom of a greased and lined 8x8 pan, bake at 325* for 18 minutes or until lightly browned
3. Let shortbread cool before adding caramel layer
4. Warm caramel just enough to get it out of the jar and pour onto shortbread, let set in fridge for 1-2 hours.
5. Melt chocolate with coconut oil, you will have chocolate left over but it’s difficult to dip the cut pieces in less than 12 oz, use a smallish bowl.
6. Take shortbread and caramel out of the fridge, remove from pan and score into 8 x 4 rectangles. It’s much easier to cut through the caramel when it’s been scored first, otherwise it will stick to your knife.
7. Separate pieces, returning half to the fridge and dip in chocolate. Place on parchment to set and drizzle with chocolate. -
I think these are best stored in the fridge but room temp is also fine, they don’t last long!

                        gluten free twix